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Green Initiative

Myriad Fine Art is committed not only to minimizing the impact of our business on the environment but also to taking steps through community action to provide positive support for initiatives to protect woodland and forest habitats.

We are a founding sponsor of the Deep Forest Field School in Atlanta which was originally established to clean and protect Fernbank Forest, one of the few remaining stands of old growth forest on the eastern seaboard. Compared to new growth trees, old ones absorb up to 70 times more pollutants from the atmosphere. So, while reforestation is a laudable goal, and one we support, the maintenance of our existing stock of trees, with their diverse species, is also of paramount importance. Visitors to the Southeast will have noticed Kudzu, the pervasive vine that climbs, smothers and eventually kills trees. Kudzu is also a contributor to ground ozone, which in turn exacerbates respiratory ailments. By removing it carefully, along with English ivy and wisteria, DFFS is helping to create a healthy forest and a healthier environment for all to enjoy.

The preponderance of our picture mouldings are provided to us by Larson-Juhl.  Larson’s manufacturing plants in the USA, Czech Republic and Italy are all committed to responsible lumber management, reuse, recycling and clean air. Larson-Juhl has also partnered with American Forests to establish the Larson-Juhl Global ReLeaf Foundation which assists with forest restoration and establishment in the US and around the world. The foundation has been responsible for planting over a quarter of a million trees.

Larson-Juhl's Facilities
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Suppliers and customers all have much to learn about minimizing our carbon footprint. At Myriad Fine Art we are committed to learning and then acting to make the world a better place. We will continue to improve our materials, shipping methods, and recycling efforts to ensure that we minimize our impact. Perhaps our most important initiative is to provide our customers with art of enduring quality that transcends short term fashion, and which they will enjoy for decades to come: to make something for the short term truly is a waste of resources.